Victim Relief Volunteers counseled homeowners in the aftermath of fires in Navasota, Texas around the first of July. Rosemary Smith from the examiner caught one of the homeowners reactions in her article, reposted here:

Shidley said, “We would probably be cleaning this mess up for the next 10 years - as much stuff as we had. And, within one day, all these angels came and took the top metal off the things that I wanted to go through - where I knew my treasures were, and my collections. And they (Victim Relief Ministries and First Baptist Church of Navasota volunteers) would sit on their knees and their bottoms - on the dirt and the ashes - and go through it with their fingers and sift through it, trying to find just anything they could to salvage since we lost everything we had. I get goose bumps every time I think about it.”

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